By Laws of Merged Branch 5420

Brick, N. J., National Association of Letter Carriers of the U. S. A.



Articles I, II Name, Membership
Article III Meetings
Articles IV, V Officers, Elections
Article VI, Section 1 Duties of Officers, President
Article VI, Sections 2, 3, 4 Vice Presidents, Secretary
Article VI, Sections 5, 6, 7 Treasurer, Sgt at Arms, HBR and Comp Rep
Article VI, Sections 8, 9 Trustees, Shop Stewards
Articles VII, VIII, IX Removal of Officers, Loans, Charges
Articles X, XI Funds, Indemnifications
Article XII Amendments
Articles XIII, XIV Compensation for Lost Time



SECTION 1. This branch shall be known as Branch 5420 of the National Association of Letter Carriers of the United States of America.


SECTION 1. Application for membership must be made in writing, signed by the applicant, stating age, social security number, and place of residence, and such other information as may be determined by the Branch. A form 1187 (dues check-off list) must be signed by all applicants seeking a membership in the Branch and the N. A. L. C.


SECTION 1. The regular meetings of this Branch shall be held on the third Tuesday of each month, at such place as the president and board of trustees shall provide. No meetings will be scheduled in July or August.

SECTION 2. There will be an officers meeting conducted the first Tuesday of the month with the day and place to be designated by the president.

SECTION 3. Notice of all meetings shall be sent to each office by the secretary noting the time and place of meeting.

SECTION 4. A meeting will be called to order when a quorum of 15% of the total membership is present.

SECTION 5. All officers will attend all posted meetings unless excused by the president.


SECTION 1. The elected officers of this Branch shall be a President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and (4) Trustees. (Top vote becoming Chairman).

SECTION 2. The following positions shall be appointed by the president: H. B. R. Rep; Dir. of Compensation; Dir. of Retirees; Shop Stewards; Sergeant at Arms; the president shall have the power to appoint an assistant secretary when needed.

SECTION 3. All elected officers shall serve a three year term or until their successors are duly elected and installed.


SECTION 1. Nominations will be taken for President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and (4) Trustees. (Top vote becoming Chairman).

SECTION 2. Elections shall be held in November.

SECTION 3. Nominations shall be held 90 days before elections.

SECTION 4. All balloting shall be conducted as dictated by Article v of the Constitution of the N. A. L. C.

SECTION 5. All elected Officials shall be considered Delegates. To qualify as a Delegate, the Official must attend 80% of all meetings.


The duties of the Board of Officers shall be as governed by the provisions of the Constitution for the Government of Subordinate and Federal Branches, except as herein amended.


SECTION 1. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Branch, preserve order, sign all warrants on the Treasurer ordered drawn by the Branch, and all other papers ordered by the Branch, have general supervisory powers over the Branch, see that Officers perform their duties, enforce the Constitution, By-Laws, rules and regulations of the Branch, appoint all committees not otherwise provided for, give the deciding vote when a tie occurs, examine and announce the result of all balloting and other votes. He/she shall not make or second any motion or take part in any debate while in their chair, he/she shall ascertain from the Financial Secretary before adjournment of the meeting the amount of money received since the previous meeting and from the Treasurer if he/she has received the same. At the end of his/her term he/she shall make a report showing the progress and condition of the Branch.

The President shall, together with the Treasurer, sign and file with the Secretary of Labor on behalf of the Branch, an annual financial report if required by public law. The filing of such report will be required unless the Branch has received express notification from the National Association that it is exempt from such requirements.

He/she shall by virtue of his/her office be Chief Steward of the Branch, and he/she may delegate such authority to other members. The President shall be the Chairman of all Boards of Delegations, and the other officers shall act in positions corresponding to those held by them in the Branch. He/she or their qualified designee, shall visit each station at least once a year.


SECTION 2. The Vice President shall preside in the absence of the President, and in case of death, resignation, disqualification, refusal or neglect of the President to discharge the duties of his/her office, the Vice President shall then perform all duties incumbent upon the President for the remainder of the term of office. The 1st Vice President shall be the legislative liaison to the branch and in charge of all training and seminars.


SECTION 3. The 2nd Vice President shall be the Director of City Delivery. He/She shall serve under the direct supervision of the President. He/She shall be in charge of all organizational activities relating to the city delivery service, including but not limited to the preparation of materials for training programs. The 2nd Vice President shall make a complete report of his/her actions at each meeting. He/she shall perform such other duties as be assigned by the President. He shall preside over all shop stewards pertaining to union matters and grievances.


SECTION 4. The Branch Secretary shall keep a correct record of the proceedings of the Branch in a book to be kept for that purpose. He/she shall draw all warrants on the Treasurer ordered by the Branch. He/she shall notify members of their suspension, expulsion or acceptance or resignation. He/she shall report to the National Secretary-Treasurer immediately the suspension, expulsion or reinstatement of a member. He/she shall attend to all correspondence of the Branch and properly mark and file all papers ready for inspection at any time, and notify the members of special meetings when ordered by the President. He/she shall make semi-annually a report to the Branch showing the number of members elected, rejected, initiated, suspended, reinstated, withdrawn, and the number of deaths, giving the date of death. Also the receipts, benefits paid, amount expended and amount on hand. Within one week after his/her term expires, or upon an earlier termination thereof, shall deliver to a successor all books and papers together with all other property of the Branch in his/her possession.

The Branch Secretary will keep on file in the Branch office the minutes of all meetings of the Branch. Minutes should be filed within a month after reading to the Branch.


SECTION 5. The Treasurer shall receive receipt and disburse all monies of the Branch, and keep a regular account thereof. He/she shall pay all warrants drawn on him/her by the recording Secretary voted by the Branch and signed by the President, and have all accounts receipted upon payment of the same. Shall, whenever requested by the President, and at the end of his/her term, make a report showing receipts, disbursements, and amount of money on hand, deliver all books, papers and money to the successor in office, when qualified; and to insure the faithful performance of duties of the Branch.


SECTION 6. The Sergeant at Arms shall preserve order in the meetings under the instruction of the President. It shall be his duty to see that none but members are present at the meetings unless directed by the President or a vote of the Branch.


SECTION 7. The H. B. R. and Compensation Directors shall perform such duties as required by the Constitution and By Laws of the N. A. L. C. or as designated by the President of this Branch.


SECTION 8. The Board of Trustees shall examine and report to the Branch, the condition of the books of the Financial Secretary, Treasurer, MBA/NSBA Representative and the Chairman of the Entertainment Committee once a year within 75 days after the end of the first six (6) month period. They shall for the first six (6) month period compare the vouchers and records and ascertain that they correspond with the collections and disbursements. They shall have custody of all Branch property, and shall perform such other duties as the Branch By Laws may require of them. They shall examine, and approve, or disapprove, all bills, and shall have available all paid absence with leave claims of the previous month.



A. Organize

1. The goal is 100% organized unit.

2. Inform the membership.

3. Help members maintain interest in the N. A. L. C.

4. Teach new employees – History of N. A. L. C.

B. Represent Employees

1. Resolve grievances and try to iron out disciplinary or contractual cases. Enforce the National Agreement and Local Agreements.

C. Support Joint Labor Activities

D. All publications sent out from the Branch office MUST be posted on bulletin board in station.


In case of neglect of duty or violation of this Constitution on the part of Any Union Officer of this Branch #5420; the remaining officers and the Trustees shall have the power to remove him from office. If an Officer or a Shop Steward misses two (2) consecutive local union meetings, the President and the Trustees shall have the power to remove him from office (unless valid excuse given).

1. In the Case – if an officer resigns, the President shall appoint a member for the remaining term.

2. If the President resigns, the 1st Vice President shall become President and then he shall appoint a member for the 1st Vice President for the remaining term.


SECTION 1. There will be no personal loans granted by Branch 5420.


SECTION 1. All Officers and Stewards will be compelled to attend all meetings unless excused by the President.

SECTION 2. Any member of the Branch who shall violate the Constitution or By Laws of the Branch may have charges preferred against him or her and if such charges are proved shall be fined, reprimanded, suspended, or expelled as the laws may direct or the Branch determine.

SECTION 3. Appeals will follow Article XI of the National Constitution.


SECTION 1. All monies collected for, or in behalf of this Branch, from any source whatsoever shall be promptly turned over to the Treasurer.

SECTION 2. All monies collected for, and in behalf of this Branch, shall be deposited by the Treasurer in a savings bank, or like institution, except the amounts invested in the Post Office Employees Credit Union. These banking institutions must have these deposits covered by government deposit insurance, so that all deposits are fully insured.

SECTION 3. Funds for the financing of delegates to the National Conventions and State Conventions shall be determined at price meetings before functions.

Delegates, in order to qualify for a share in the funds appropriated for Delegates expenses must be a member in good standing and must have attended all Branch meetings prior to function.


The Branch is authorized upon affirmative vote of the membership, to pay all the expenses for investigating services, employment of counsel and other necessary expenditures in any cause, matter, case, or cases where an officer, representative, employee, agent or one charged with any violation or violations of any law or is sued in his official duties except if such officer, representative, employee or agent is charged with a breach of his trust of the Branch or any subordinate body or member thereof. This provision does not apply to suits brought against the Branch or any of its officers, representatives and agents of the National Association.


SECTION 1. This Constitution shall not be altered or amended except in the manner provided for the alteration or amendment of the Constitution of the National Association of Letter Carriers.

SECTION 2. These By Laws shall not be altered or amended except by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members present and voting at a regular Branch meeting, and subject to approval by the National Board of Laws.

All amendments or alterations shall be presented, in writing, at a regular Branch meeting and must be signed by not less than five (5) members in good standing. The proposed amendments or alterations shall be read by the Recording Secretary at the regular Branch meeting to be voted upon, due notice of the proposed alterations or amendments must be made available to the membership.

A defeated amendment shall not be presented in a like form for six (6) months thereafter.


All Union Officers who serve in a non-pay status (LWOP), for Union Business, will be paid by the Union as authorized by the President and Trustees of Branch 5420.


Beginning calendar year 1996 the salaries for the officers and stewards of Branch 5420 will be as follows:



President 8 times annual dues structure
1st Vice President 4 times annual dues structure
2nd Vice President 4 times annual dues structure
Secretary 4 times annual dues structure
Treasurer 4 times annual dues structure
Sergeant at Arms 1 times annual dues structure




Director of Compensation/ Health Benefits 3 times annual dues structure
Director of Retirees 1 times annual dues structure
Trustees (4) 1 1/2 times annual dues structure



Shop Stewards


Class A Office (61 members or more) 3 times annual dues structure
Class B Office (0 – 60 members) 2 times annual dues structure